On the Head of a Pin


Thaddeus Lewis, an itinerant “saddlebag” preacher still mourns the mysterious death of his daughter Sarah as he rides to his new posting in Prince Edward County. When a girl in Demorestville dies in a similar way, he realizes that the circumstances point to murder. But in the turmoil following the 1837 Mackenzie Rebellion he can get no one to listen. Convinced there is a serial killer loose in Upper Canada, Lewis alone must track the culprit across a colony convulsed by dissension, invasion, and fear. His only clues are a Book of Proverbs and a small painted pin left with the victims. And the list of suspects is growing …


Kellough's book works on several levels; the murder mystery is woven into the larger story of Canada's wild, pre-Confederation era.

Quill & Quire

On the Head of a Pin captivated us from the beginning. Janet did a great job of weaving her characters into a mystery that keeps you turning the pages ... This is a four star selection, that will be loved by all mystery fans.

Suspense Magazine

This is a very atmospheric debut from author Kellough, of Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Globe and Mail

Kellough does a fine job of bringing life to the times and to her ministerial hero on horseback.

National Post

A good read made better by its obvious affection for its subject and the locale in which the action takes place.

Harrowsmith Magazine

About the Author

Janet Kellough

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014
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Janet Kellough

Janet Kellough is a professional storyteller who has written and appeared in numerous stage productions featuring a fusion of spoken word and music. Her five books in the Thaddeus Lewis series are On the Head of a Pin, Sowing Poison, 47 Sorrows, The Burying Ground, and Wishful Seeing. She lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario.