Masters of the Air


A fascinating look at three of the greatest Canadian pilots in the First World War.

Alan McLeod, from Stonewall, Manitoba, Andrew McKeever, originally from Listowel, Ontario, and Donald MacLaren, originally from Calgary, were daring and talented pilots. Although decidedly different from each other — in personality, in the planes they flew, and in their contribution to the war effort — they all shared a passion for flying and a strong sense of duty. One hundred years after they flew and fought for king and country, Masters of the Air brings these three men to life, detailing their development as pilots, their battles in the air, and their near-death experiences.

Like thousands of others, these three men answered the call to fight for the British Empire. In the skies of Europe, they achieved greatness. They performed remarkable deeds in primitive planes, when aviation was in its infancy.

About the Author

Roger Gunn

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Roger Gunn

Roger Gunn is the author of Raymond Collishaw and the Black Flight, the first comprehensive biography of Canada's second-highest-scoring ace in the First World War. He lives in Edmonton.