Driving Down America’s Main Street

Driving Down America’s Main Street

Posted on July 20 by admin
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“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – WILL ROGERS

Quite literally.

And that’s the kind of endearing one-liner that made Will Rogers famous enough to get an Oklahoman strip on Route 66 named after him.

But just because the highway has been dismantled and replaced by a series of interstate highways doesn’t mean you can’t still get to Los Angeles from Chicago.

You’re on the right track hitching a ride with Rick Antonson, the author of Route 66 Still Kicks, he’ll take you there in first-person.

Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get run over sitting in your favourite chair reading about Rick’s account of the many Oklahomans Steinbeck made famous migrating west and the tattoo on Ollie Oatman’s chin.  

Make it the figurative travel experience of a lifetime. I have, and so far, it’s my favourite imaginary road trip, that Route 66 with its cheese pies and Dust Bowls and Cadillac Ranch and so much more.

What’s your ultimate road trip?