A Gift for our Teachers

A Gift for our Teachers

Posted on August 31 by admin
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Hello to our Teachers!

I recognize that you still have one long weekend left before you head back to work, but I thought that I would share this work related news with you before the long weekend starts so you can relax just a little bit more.

As an OCT member myself, I completely understand how much prep work a teacher does to have a successful class. So, just incase your mind drifts to work over the weekend and thinks with horror at all of the prep work that is to come, stop and remember that Dundurn has Teacher Resource Guides that are written by qualified Ontario Certified Teachers.  

Our young adult titles come with Teacher Resource Guides because we understand that teacher’s are busy people who need a hand now and again. So sometime next week when you’re planning lessons and units take a browse through our website and see what we have.

Also, the best part is that they’re FREE.

Browse the website and the guides and if you have any questions or thoughts about them leave them in the comment section below!