Heart of Gold. Yes, it’s that 1972 hit by Neil Young…

Heart of Gold. Yes, it’s that 1972 hit by Neil Young…

Posted on July 13 by admin
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I couldn’t tell you what I thought about Team Canada’s Summit Series in 1972.

In 1972 my X chromosomes were still in high school and my Y one was DJing on the weekends. I wasn’t born until well after the Canadian history making game because my parents hadn’t met yet.

If not for Dundurn’s new title, Titans of ’72: Team Canada’s Summit Series Heroes, I’m sure who Paul Henderson even is, and all three of his winning goals would be lost on me, so it’s good I’m interning here now.

I do know who Lester B. Peason is and that he died in 1972 and that our super star hockey team probably flew out of his name-sake airport for their away games.

If Mordecai Richler thought about the Esposito brothers in 1972 when writing his ironically titled essay, Shoveling Trouble, considering all the trouble Team Canada had to shovel itself out of in the beginning, I wouldn’t know because he’s dead too.

But long live Mike Leonetti, that guy thinks about Phil and Tony all the time! And all of the other players on that fabled Team Canada including Bobby Orr who didn’t even play. He’d have to considering he’s written over 30 books about hockey.

Read all about the stories behind Canada’s hockey legends this August, just in time to cheer our Canadian teams on this summer in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Who do you think will bring home the gold?