Interview with Don Easton

Interview with Don Easton

Posted on September 7 by admin
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Today on the blog we have an interview with Don Easton, author of the Jack Taggart mystery series. Don Easton is a former RCMP undercover operative and as he tells us a lot of what he writes comes from personal experience.

Caitlyn: Tell us about your book.

Don: Birds of a Feather is about the Mexican drug cartels operating out of Ciudad, Juarez, Mexico. True to life, the cartels have an iron grip over their territory and use corruption, murder, rape and kidnapping as every day tools while applying their trade. Juarez is the most dangerous city in Mexico and in 2010, over 3,000 murders took place.

In the novel, the protagonist, Jack Taggart, is an undercover RCMP operative who infiltrates one of the cartels in search of a young Canadian woman who was kidnapped when she was in El Paso, Texas, which borders Juarez. Taggart is sent to El Paso to meet with cartel members, but has strict orders to stay out of Juarez. Once in El Paso, the emotion he feels for the victim and her loved ones compel him to disobey orders and go to Juarez. Unfortunately for Taggart, once in Juarez and on the brink of wrapping up his investigation, the cartel discovers his true identity.

Caitlyn: How did you come up with the idea for this work?

Don: I came up with the idea for this novel from personal experience. I worked as an undercover RCMP operative over a span of twenty years and was sent on an investigation to El Paso and soon found myself working in Juarez. It was one of the most dangerous assignments of my career and opened my own eyes as to how naïve I had been.

Caitlyn: Tell us a little about the overarching theme of your work, and why you felt compelled to explore it.

Don: I feel most Canadians are naïve when it comes to Mexico. The vast majority of the Mexicans are kind and compassionate by nature, but the corruption and violence from the cartels make Mexico a very dangerous place. In my novel, I hope to educate people about the dangers. I also hope to enlighten people about the impact that illicit drug use has not only on the people charged with enforcing the law, but also on the countless innocent victims who are caught up in the drug wars. The cartels’ warring appetite for greed and expansion no longer confines their activity to Mexico. Their tentacles have now reached across the United States and have entered Canada.

Caitlyn: Describe your ideal writing environment.

Don: My ideal writing environment is divided into two segments. To form the idea and synopsis for what I write about, I prefer the outside world. Meeting with people and seeing the world stimulates my thought process and often reminds me of things my brain has buried away. Once I have formed a synopsis for my story, I prefer the quiet sanctuary of my computer room to complete the work.

Caitlyn: What is your next project?

Don: My next project following Birds of a Feather is my seventh novel in the series entitled Corporate Asset. It has already been accepted by my publisher for distribution in 2013/2014. It is a novel based on ‘white collar’ crime where a company takes out life insurance policies on their employees and then murders them. Jack Taggart goes undercover in the company to set himself up as bait to get the evidence.

Currently I am in the process of finishing my eighth novel entitled The Benefactor where a murder investigation leads Jack Taggart into the world of Chinese spying in Canada.

Don Easton worked as an undercover Mountie for twenty years. He found this world could not always be categorised in black and white. Right and wrong became blurred, and his novels expose an underbelly of morality over that of justice. He has published seven Jack Taggart novels. Easton lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

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