Memories of Queen Elizabeth II’s 1984 visit to Toronto

Memories of Queen Elizabeth II’s 1984 visit to Toronto

Posted on June 1 by admin
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I’ve been reminded recently, with all the hullabaloo around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, of the time, the only time, I’ve seen the Queen.

Early one morning when I was a kid, my family went down to Toronto harbour to wait for the arrival of Royal Yacht Britannia. It was a cool, clear morning as we ran up and down the north side of the Western Gap, waiting, unpatiently, for the arrival of the Britannia on the horizon. As it rounded the Toronto Islands, we began to cheer and jump up and down. While it was going through the Western Gap, I saw Prince Philip on an outside deck looking around.

The excitement peaked when the Britannia made it into Toronto harbour. There were hundreds of boats of all types waiting for her arrival. As she broke through the Western Gap, they all started to blow their fog horns. The Toronto Fire boat shot out streams of water from its hoses.

It remains one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

For an amazing picturing of Royal Yacht Britannia practically darwfing the CN Tower, see Mike Filey’s A Toronto Album 2.