Then and Now

Then and Now

Posted on October 3 by admin
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As a child I recall reading the story of the Kabuliwallah, Written by Nobel Laureate Rabinranath Tagore a hundred-odd years ago, it painted a vivid picture of a vast and somewhat mysterious place, drawing travellers and traders who would venture far beyond their distant homes to sell exotic nuts and raisins in the bordering states.

It’s rare these days that Afghanistan does not make the news. But it’s never news about its traditional produce. If it isn’t news related to peacekeeping efforts in that country, it’s about the socio-political impact following the war on terror.

Author Michael Petrou, has the unique distinction of being among those who had a pre- and post-9/11 opportunity to visit Afghanistan. Petrou slipped into Afghanistan within weeks of the 9/11 attacks, carrying notebooks, stolen blankets, and a satellite phone. With his new book Is This Your First War?: Travels Through the Post-9/11 Islamic World he treks through the troubled regions and brings readers a view from the frontlines of the socio-political upheavals in the Islamic world – including Afghanistan.

With Mark Bourrie’s Fighting Words, a collection of the best journalism from Canada’s wars, from the time of the Vikings to the war in Afghanistan, readers are offered an unusual and more intimate view of citizen life behind the frontlines.

While these two books are among our frontlist titles, the Dundurn backlist reveals a treasure of books on Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. With Canada in Afghanistan author Peter Pigott, embedded with Canadian Forces in Kandahar, traces Afghanistan’s ancient history to present-day media sound bites, meticulously incorporating Canadian involvement in the defence, development, and diplomacy.

No Lack of Courage, by Colonel Bernd Horn, is the story of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Operation Medusa, the largely Canadian action in Afghanistan from 1 to 17 September 2006, to dislodge a heavily entrenched Taliban force in the Pashmul district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.