What Would You Bring into Space?

What Would You Bring into Space?

Posted on August 8 by admin
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In honour of the Mars “Curiosity” Landing this week at Dundurn we took a poll asking the staff this question:

What is the number 1 thing you would bring with you into space – other than a book.

These are some of our answers:

1. Jennifer G – a camera
2. Laura – a pogo stick (as long as the spaceship was padded)
3. Margaret – her daughter so they could hold hands while floating in space
4. Sharon – new spanx/new underwear, and a laptop
5. Jennifer M – a photo of her family to keep her from getting homesick
6. Synora – A paranoid Android…let’s call him…Marvin
7. Allister – his wife because it’s a long flight and would be lonely
8. Caitlyn – an ipod so she could try dancing in zero gravity
9. Marta – socks because space is freezing and she’s always cold
10. Karen – a camera

Those are some of our answers but now we pose the question to you: What would you bring?

Photo Copyright is NASAs.