Category: hauntings

Indicators that your home may be haunted.

Things being moved or missing

Sounds of walking, knocking, banging, whistles, snapping, glass breaking, furniture being moved. (Rarely any evidence)

Doors and or windows opening or closing

Lights or appliances turning on or off

Black shadows that are seen quickly with your peripheral vision

Mists, smoke, orbs or apparitions

Whispers or voices, unexplained music

Unexplained cold or hot spots

Unexplained items appearing

Interview with Richard Palmisano, author of Meeting Place of the Dead  thumbnail

Today Richard Palmisano talks to us about his new book Meeting Place of the Dead, and the chilling experiences that he and his team had while they investigated a particular house.

How did you come up with the idea for this work?

Ottawa Jail Hostel thumbnail

Ottawa Jail Hostel

Posted on November 1 by Terry Boyle And Mark Leslie

Today's blog post is from Laura, our Assistant Editor here at Dundurn.


Here at Dundurn we nurture a healthy interest in Canadian history and the paranormal (an eclectic mix, to be sure!) For those of you fortunate enough to live in Canada, many of the settings featured in books published by Dundurn authors can be visited and explored. I had just such an opportunity during a recent trip to our nation’s capital, when I attended an event at the Ottawa Jail Hostel.