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Tunnels, Towers and Fairyland

Posted on December 16 by Jill Downie

The Moretti and Falla mysteries are set on the Channel Island of Guernsey, where I once lived.  An island of contrasts, it is rich in themes for a writer, with ancient traditions and fairy lore, but it is also haunted by more recent presences.  The Channel Islands were occupied during the Second World War, and the battlements and fortifications of that traumatic time still stand, many of them now resurrected and refurbished, sharing the landscape and the tourists with fairy rings, prehistoric dolmens, and caves believed to be the gates to fairyland.

Vancouver Noir

Posted on August 8 by Sam Wiebe

Browse the mystery section of your local bookstore, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a book that doesn’t have a subtitle of the “A [Detective’s Name] Investigation” variety. Whether it’s a Rebus novel or a Miss Marple mystery, the common thread and selling point of the series is the stability of the main character. It’s a reassurance to the readers that nothing will really happen to them.

Writing mysteries is a space of my own, where words surround me

Their sounds vibrate with silence and seduction, symphony and serendipity

Inspiration coalesing into clarity, like figures emerging from the fog

Words rant and rave, wild and free, lassoeed and tamed

To turn to prose that is all encompassing ……….to turn to mystery

Words drenched in meaning  - love, hate, soul, greed, evil, lust, motive, menacing, mystical

Paint a thousand pictures, the brushstrokes different for every canvas

The End Game

Posted on April 27 by Brenda Chapman

One of the toughest parts about writing a mystery novel is crafting the ending. When I begin a manuscript, I have a general idea of the crime and who the culprit will be. Over the next 80,000 to 90,000 words, I develop characters, insert clues and red herrings, and work to make the plot gallop along at a steady clip. Along about the point where the action reaches its climax and the killer is to be revealed, the agonizing begins. How will my sleuth put together all of the clues in a way that is not obviously being manipulated by me?